Cornwall Airport Limited Responds to Heathrow Commitment to Cornwall

In response to the announcement by Heathrow Airport that it is making a number of commitments which could offer future services between Cornwall and Heathrow Al Titterington, Managing Director Newquay Cornwall Airport said “The package of measures that Heathrow Airport has committed to deliver regional access is an extremely positive and much needed step forward. We have been working hard with both Heathrow and Gatwick to secure access to any new runway capacity and Heathrow is the first to make such a detailed public commitment to Cornwall. Whilst the measures announced don’t provide guaranteed access for Newquay what it does demonstrate is that Heathrow have listened to us and that the requirements of regional airports are being considered seriously.  Heathrow’s announcement makes some significant commitments to enable future access from Newquay (and other regional airports) which we fully support.

Our lobbying of the Government and the Davies Commission has been focused on the principle that any new runway should be for UK Plc not just the south east. Our analysis of passenger demand demonstrates that both business and leisure, inbound and outbound require access to global markets. Arguably, Heathrow is currently based placed to offer that global connectivity and their future commitments can only enhance what Cornwall and our passengers require”.

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