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Leonardo’s (previously AgustaWestland) relocation took only 6 months from initial enquiry. Now the 402 hangar is home to the expanding presence of their Operational Flight Training Centre (OFTC). The OFTC delivers high-quality training for helicopter pilots, engineers and mission crews.

What the hangar incorporates

  • A helicopter hangar
  • Briefing rooms and IT training rooms
  • Currently accommodates 40 high-skilled jobs (pilots, engineers and ground crew) including 13 aircrew instructors. 

Leonardo has invested over £1 million in this initiative (including £300,000 of ERDF Convergence investment).

A leader in a number of the world’s most important helicopter markets…

The Leonardo OFTC runs helicopter flight training programmes for up to 60 students per annum, covering specific helicopter skills such as search and rescue and policing. Leonardo is an established provider of professional training services and solutions to a wide range of military, civil and industrial customers.

It is committed to developing and expanding its training portfolio to meet both the current and future needs of all of its customers.

The excellent training environment combined with the aviation services provided by Cornwalll Airport Newquay are vital for Leonardo and, without the operational airfield, they would have to relocate elsewhere. The presence of Leonardo at the Aerohub is due to grow over time.

For more information visit www.leonardocompany.com

If you're an operational flight training company and would like to find out more about being part of our exciting cluster of businesses at Aerohub, contact one of the team now. 


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